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Pexitics, the parent entity is an Analytics Consulting and Learning centre for large organisations to seek solutions on Data & Analytics as a solution provider. Pexitics is in existence since 2012 and comes with a pool of rich experience & expertise in the field of Analytics and Data Science.
Pexitics developed the 7AS© framework to assess applicants against job roles using a Scoring model, aptly named the People excellence indicator Score©
Pre-hiring Assessments explained:

Pre-hiring assessments are an objective, standardized way of gathering data on candidates prior to the hiring decision. All professionally developed, well-validated assessments have one thing in common: they are an efficient and reliable means of gaining insights into the capabilities and traits of prospective employees. Depending on the type of test being used, pre-hiring assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant’s ability to perform in the workplace. Pre-hiring assessments have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to filter and manage large applicant pools. The Internet has made it easier than ever for job seekers to apply for jobs– one study estimates that, on average, a whopping 250 resumes are submitted for every corporate job opening. Some job-seekers, known as “resume spammers,” distribute their resumes across the web in blasts, with little regard to their required qualifications or job fitment. With applicants spending just an average of 76 seconds reading each job description, it is not surprising that recruiters report that over 50% of job applicants do not meet the basic qualifications of the job. Also, most hiring managers don’t have the bandwidth to review every candidate’s application in greater detail, with recruiters reportedly spending an average of just 6.25 seconds reading each resume. In such scenarios, pre-hiring assessments can provide tremendous value for companies seeking to find the right fit. By adding these assessments to the candidate selection process, organisations of all sizes can get a better handle on the vast pool of candidates applying for available positions. And while technology may be responsible for the increase in applications, it also provides an answer, by making it much simpler to integrate pre-employment assessment into the hiring process.









7AS Framework works on the key principles of Statistical Scoring through Quantification of responses.
It is based on HR Analytics framework and allows long-term engagement and understanding of
workforce behavior using Analytics.
While the PexiScore TalenTool measures and scores all attributes on a statistical model, the same in the
report is visually represented for ease of understanding with respect to the JD criteria as determined by
Hiring Manager.
The PexiScore is a score range of a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 800. A score of 600 and above
will reflect a very high match of the candidate on Job Fitment.
The 4 large segments of measurement are a) Job to JD Match, b) Cognitive Ability Assessment, c)
Functional Skills Assessment, d) Work Behavior Assessment
The Work Behavior (psychometric) Assessment is further classified into 4 sections;
1. Core Values Assessment
2. Motivation Assessment
3. Competency Assessment
4. Leadership Assessment

The scores are graded into five segments; Below Average, Average, Above Average, Good, Excellent
1. Scale ranges; The scale ranges from 0-100% with a 20 point at every scale.
2. The graphs are bars that will show up in the following colour format; check Page 4.
Why PexiScore for hiring?
1.  A scoring model for hiring that has been conceived to ensure talent is quantified.
2. It enables scoring an individual irrespective of industry and experience
3. The model algorithm ensures individual is measured for his capability through a Score that can lead
to clear, measurable outcomes in hiring.
4. It is a first level shortlisting tool; HR manager still retains judgment on employability.
5. A scoring model enables hiring costs are lowered; mis-hires and losses due to wrong job fitment are
lowered significantly.
6. The output is provided as a Score that is purely in respect to the role; actual potential score could be
higher or lower based on detailed Candidate that is also available for detailed appraisal.









The various assessments and their applications
1. PexiScore Detailed Screening Report – This report standardizes every candidate’s Resume into a
mono-format for easy, fact based evaluation with PexiScore for ranking-based hiring
decisions made easy. It highlights core parameters for hiring for matching the Job requirements
vis-à-vis the candidate. The filtering functionality in the Dashboard allows for saving time & costs
by finding the Right-fit candidates at the click of a button. The Detailed Screening covers over 250
parameters of hiring benchmarks like qualifications, age, gender, location, salary expectations
2. 7AS Competency Assessment Report – This report uses the 7AS framework to highlight the
Behavior/psychometric attributes of the candidate and gives a synopsis in graphical format as
well as observations.
3. Core Values Assessment Report – In this report a candidate is evaluated against the Core Values
of an organisation. Thus, this report is customised to measure the Core Values fitment of the
candidate to the organisation and helps focus on cultural fitment. This is an psychometric
4. PexiScore Motivation at Work Report – In this Report we highlight the Primary and Secondary
Motivations of work of the candidate. Additional inputs on time value are provided to help the
hiring team understand job role fitment based on motivational factors. This is part of
psychometric evaluation and helps understand the psychometric propensity towards work
motivation to link it to job roles and fitment.
5. PexiScore Cognitive Ability Assessment Report – This report uses Inductive, Deductive,
Abductive & Verbal reasoning assessments to highlight the Aptitude attributes of the candidate
and gives a synopsis in graphical format as well as observations. Useful for assessing problem
solving, researching, designing, analytical, technical roles etc., where the candidate needs to
perform with thinking and innovative capabilities to solve and analyse tasks and data.
6. PexiScore Functional Skills Assessment Report – This report contains the outcomes of the
Objective and Subjective tests (these tests can be customised by the organisation to include
multiple subjects like Electrical Engineering with Civil Engineering in a single assessment) and
helps organisation find specific skillset levels for multitude of roles with functional competence
being the core.
7. PexiScore Leadership Assessment Report – This report focusses on Situational Leadership on a
twin axis of People Task orientation covering other aspects like Aggression Quotient,
Temperament etc., to highlight the Leadership Quadrant, the fitment based on functional
competence and Leadership hierarchy for Mid & Senior Leadership hiring.
8. CareerGraph Assessment – Specific for Campus/fresher hiring and covers both psychometric and
functional skills in a single report. Available in both English and Hindi.
9. Happiness Assessment – This is a three series Assessment that assesses Happiness and
engagement for employees within the organisation. This is useful for both office and factory level
workforce where happiness, hope and grit are required factors for long term success of the
organisational goals.
The Competency and Core Values are customized as they are related to the organizational vision,
mission and values and competency framework.
The Functional Skills Assessment can also be customized to assess specific mix of subjects in a single
report for specific hiring and campus hiring challenges.







PexiScore also has two assessment modules for Hiring at Campus

CareerGraph Assessments: This assessment can be used specifically for Campus hiring segments with
functional skills assessments included in a single report. Available is English and Hindi, the first fresher
assessment available in Hindi.
Functional Skills Assessment: Covers functional skill capabilities for various subject matters like
Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Analytics, Engineering –all branches and can be
customized for specific job role skills to assess skill potential. Functional Skills assessment can also be
used to test multiple languages like vernacular languages which is a first of its kind in India. Questions
posed can be both objective and subjective in nature.
Color coding for ease of interpretation

PexiScore Assessments: When and why

Once an organization has chosen assessments to administer for an open position, it will need to decide at what
stage of the hiring process to assess applicants. There may be many factors that go into this decision, but it is
generally recommended to assess applicants at the first stage of elimination. Using assessments early in the
hiring process is an efficient and reliable way to gather objective data on candidates before deciding which
candidates should move on to the next step in the process. Requiring applicants to take tests through a link
included in a job posting, for example, will help Hiring Managers filter through large applicant pools, and ensure
that everyone who is moving through the hiring funnel meets the basic standards for the job. This helps
streamline the hiring process, saving a great deal of time that would have been spent reading resumes from
unqualified applicants.

Additional features @PexiScore platform
Interview Scheduler & DashBoard

The Interview DashBoard is an unique platform that allows applicants to be put through an auto-scheduler
for interviews and applicants can be scored and measured by Interview Panels for final Offer outcomes
through an online platform. The final report will contain Interviewer comments and scores for the


The Interview Dashboard has features that allow undertaking interviews in a streamlined process with
measurements for Interviewer comments and scores for the candidate.
Multiple interviewers can be added (upto 20 interviewers per Job Code) with a Lead Interviewer for final
selection and offer letter processing.
Interview Score Weightage: Allows Lead Interviewer to set parameters to set scoring weightage against
8 parameters.
Candidate Slots: Allows to set slots and timings for candidates to choose and offer themselves for the
interview without manual interventions and phone calls.
Conduct Interviews: This is to be used by the Interview panel for scoring candidates during interviews.
Decision Centre: Lead Interviewer gets to push candidates to offers or rejection based on interview
panel results and scores.
Offer Centre: Create Offer Letters using one of the two templates for an online negotiation with the
All shortlisted candidate data can be downloaded into .csv format for further uploading into your
respective HRMS/Excel database for records and further updations.


1. Create a JobCode (Job Description) on the platform
2. JobCode can be for Assessments or for Detailed Screening with Assessments.
3. Share JobCode with Recruiters, multiple platforms to assess platform/Recruiter performance and
candidate quality.
4. Filter and shortlist the candidates you seek to interview and engage.
5. Use Interview DashBoard to schedule interviews & record Interviewer scores for each candidate.
6. Use Offer Letter template to close offers and onboard employee.
7. Use the same JD to create a new JobCode for a similar Job role in the future.

Technical know-how

The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by
Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global
network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Know more here:
All data is stored in SQL tables. This data can be fetched using APIs to help reduce duplication and direct
upload of successful candidate data into HRMS systems (subject to technical specifications and system
All candidate data is available for download in .CSV format. (Comma separated values)
This can be downloaded in the candidate Dashboard and Interviewer Dashboard to store in excel.

Keeping the note in mind Pexiscore have come up with Leadership report.

Click here to download sample report: Leadership Report Sample

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For further queries, reach out to us at | +91 7349 6623 20/21/22











Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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