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How to use LinkedIn effectively as a recruiter

LinkedIn has over time emerged as a recruiter’s paradise. We suddenly have access to so many people and a view of their professional profiles. The search button helps a recruiter to find out people with specific education, skills, experience etc.

What started out as a boon has now become an unwieldy marketplace. As LinkedIn has grown, we see that for each job we post, hundreds of people come and like it. They share their phone numbers and other details.  It then becomes the recruiter’s job to eye ball each profile and do a fitment check. This brings back the repetitive task of telecalling, looking at resumes – all of which come in different formats and doing a fitment to understand if an applicant should be called for an interview.


Thus , LinkedIn has emerged as a great place to prospect for applicants but it is not so easy to do the fitment. For this we need to use tools like PexiScore. is a platform for assessment and fitment. The process we find that works best is as follows :-


  1. Create a Job on and generate a Job Code (sample job code- SPISOF0517871; Sample job link – )
  2. Post the Job on LinkedIn (using the share buttons at Pexiscore-see image attached) ; The post will now appear as a post in your name and will have the summary of the job as well as the link to apply for the same (Sample job link –
  3. Interested applicants on LinkedIn will read the post and apply using the link given in the post (Sample job link –
  4. The recruiter will be able to see all the applicant details , resume (all in one format) and the PexiScore report in the dashboard (see image attached)


Advantages of using LinkedIn and PexiScore in partnership are :-

  1. You can reach millions of possible candidates and applicants using LinkedIn
  2. They can apply through the PexiScore platform – which will auto-format all resumes in the same format and create a score for the applicants
  3. The Recruiter gets detailed quantified outcomes in graphs and charts and qualitative comments – which can be used to conduct an effective interview.

What drives the score at ?

  1. Fact to fact match of Job Requirement (which the recruiter has put while creating the Job Code) with the applicant’s profile details (which the applicant has made while applying for the job )
  2. Aptitude test (if the Recruiter wants the Applicant to go through an Aptitude test, the site enables it)
  3. Behaviour test (if the Recruiter wants the Applicant to go through a Psychometric test to access workplace behaviour, the site enables it)
  4. Skill test ((if the Recruiter wants the Applicant to go through a Skill test which is MCQ or subjective, the site enables it)

How does the dashboard look and feel ?

The dashboard has graphs and filters and allows for fellow recruiters . Take a look at how it looks

We are happy to be part of the Analytics revolution in Human Resources . Do write to me at if you want a demo or just want to interact.

Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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