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The importance of Career Guidance:


During the last leg of schooling, when they are in high school, a lot of students remain confused as to what should be their career choice. In spite of having a lot of options, there remains widespread dilemma regarding the suitable career. Owing to this confusion, most of the students tend to follow their peers and end up having an unhappy work life. One of the prime reason of this is being in a field of work which is not suitable.

Even though one can be trained, the innate skill and talent helps a person to excel in the job of his or her choice. A person who understands his/her strengths and weaknesses can use the strength to excel and at the same time work on the weakness to become a better person. However, this simple information is not available to most of the people. Moreover when guidance is given by a human being, lot of times the weaknesses are not revealed. In order to boost the morale. However, this has a detrimental effect on that person. If someone is unaware of his/her weaknesses, the person is bound to get stuck someday because of it and won’t know how to move ahead. Thus having a holistic view of one’s core competencies and guidance as per that is very helpful.

Analytics helps in bridging the gap between proper guidance and complete transparency. With the help of data and statistical modelling, a lot can be said about a person’s temperament, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Having a tool that gives data driven insights is very useful as it will give a holistic feedback without mincing words. Colleges who are implementing career counselling programs to help students better understand their competencies and skills can leverage such tools to provide better guidance. Also, it is important as per NAAC accreditation criterion 5 which mentions career counselling and career path identification under Student Support and Progression. Students from Tier 2 and tier 3 cities are in need of career counselling and guidance to help them get a foothold in the fast changing world. In such a scenario, career guidance tools will be a boon for them. With the help of colleges in implementing these tools, the nation’s youth will be empowered and ready to take on any job and fulfil them.

Not only is guidance important for fresher’s passing out of grad school, but it is equally needed for people who are already working but contemplating upskilling or a job switch. Thus the importance of career counselling and guidance is imperative for a student as well as any individual who is struggling to figure out the correct career path. I came across one such Career guidance tool, CareerGraph, which helped me alot. It uses data and analytics to give a holistic and conclusive result based on Personal Profile, Academic Profiling, Temperament Profiling, Industry Interest profiling, Behaviour profiling and aptitude profiling. This tool has the strength to be the boon for parents who rightfully worry about their children choosing a path which they will be forthrightly happy about and achieve success in.

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