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The journey has made us giddy and it is fantastic to be where we are; setting up of a new office, talking to new customers, settling old bills and smelling the coffee. The challenges however lie in the HR segment. For a young startup, we seem to have our fingers in a lot of pies, and one of them is hiring for ourselves.

We started with LinkedIn, seeking a tech hand was quite a no-show! Poor LinkedIn, worry not, we are coming. We found our resource who was wanting to work with us even two years back! And thus using clairvoyance we contacted and spoke to him; pizza was the bribe to show him how magnanimous we could be!

Hiring is mixes of trials, testimonials and testing. So you try to find the best candidates, check testimonials even after they are the ‘best’, (remember, your consultant convinced you that these were the best in their class, and you nodded in acceptance…remember?) and rummage through the multi-format, self-glorification theses and figure out where you can find their social media connections to seek out the endorsements made for their technical skills by the Marketing Managers in LinkedIn. Ah, did I spill out something bad? Well, that is the truth about LinkedIn. You can’t fully accept the endorsements made at face-value; it’s more of a pat on the back for knowing each other I presume rather than an endorsement for skills. LinkedIn has not eliminated it but brought in visual metrics which are equally about patting in a visual format. I can endorse any of my connections for Mathematics, marine engineering, Accounting, Financial statistics and all those amazing new age skills, half of which I do not understand myself in the first place.

There must be solutions and solutions must be easy; track candidate’s testimonials not by endorsements, but through posts and do some text analytics on that. If you can’t, ask us and we shall oblige (for a fee, of course!). Learning to look beyond the rhetoric is what we are aiming for at Pexitics; to ensure there is clarity in thought and logic applied to every statistically scored candidate.

A few pointers to efficient hiring;
1) DO NOT sort before assimilating. Understanding clusters can happen once you have the bunch of candidates together.
2) Ask your Consultant not to shortlist. Excellent candidates get screened out or are not pursed as they are not interested. But they are the ones you should pursue.
3) Use assessment tools to assess first; shortlist later. An assessment platform helps in providing measurable metrics on whom and why to hire. Try (not because we created it, because we do not see any alternate simple analytics solutions around that measures with such efficiency!)
4) Ask pointed questions during the interview on gap areas pointed out by the assessment; there is no shame in seeking clarity in areas you find the candidate to be lacking; it helps avoid asking pointless questions and missing out on the actually important ones.
5) Try being informal with the candidate; you might get a clue on how casual and open-spirited the person is; or figure out if it’s going to disturb the pious silence that the current staff expect of new joinees. It all depends on how you roll at your workplace.

Hoping this helps you be more efficient; search for candidates in LinkedIn but score them at Pexitics. PexiScore is on the way.

Author: Reuben Ray

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