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Pre-requisites for using PexiScore for hiring: Do organizations need to have an existing competency framework or tech infra before implementing assessments?

The short answer when it comes to competency frameworks is that: it is good to have but you can still use assessments like PexiScore without them. In fact, PexiScore can help you build a competency framework while you use it.

On July 1st Pexitics held its first official webinar to introduce Job Fit Assessments. This article is part of the series that delves into key points of discussion raised during the webinar. The session was led by Subhashini Tripathi, founder and chief data scientist at Pexitics.

During the discussion, Kanchana Manyam, Partner at KHRC and an HR veteran, with experience in both strategic and functional HR roles, raised the question of what prerequisite would an organization require, before adopting assessments like PexiScore for hiring. Would organizations require some existing technological infrastructure, or would they need to have a highly-developed competency framework before they could start using the assessment tool?

Let’s start by understanding what a competency framework is. A competency framework, is developed by organizations, who want to build an implementable model that helps identify and define excellent performance, within an organization, across roles and job functions. These frameworks therefore, become benchmarking systems that can be used for performance assessments by using various competencies as variables.

So, do organizations need a competency framework in place before using assessments like PexiScore?

Subhashini answered this by referring to the current rise of non-standardized job roles. Roles are no longer siloed with limitations on the functions that a particular role can be involved in. Employers are looking for candidates who exhibit a certain degree of flexibility within their roles for e.g. being able to take up certain critical responsibilities of other team members for loadbearing efficiencies. Therefore, even in the case of organizations with fixed competency frameworks, hiring for each role will need to adapt, to the continuously changing requirements of a job role. Harvard economist Claudia Goldin, in her research, discovered that when the completion of work is not completely dependent on an individual employee, and instead many employees can coordinate and complete the work, employees feel freer to work more flexibly. Substitutable work environments can benefit organizations by enabling more teamwork, encourage talent development through mentoring, and increase the implementation of co-ordination technology.

Therefore, while having a competency framework is useful, organizations must ensure that the framework itself is responsive and adaptive, before it is implemented in hiring. Additionally, organizations that don’t have a competency framework are not at a disadvantage, especially while using a tool like PexiScore. PexiScore lets the responsibility of setting up the assessment become a shared responsibility wherein edit and view rights can be provided by the hiring manager to the team lead, the business head, or anyone with an indirect or direct responsibility of the role. The assessment can also be directly set up by the person the role will directly report to. This prevents the distortion of information about the requirements for the role as it moves from the manager responsible for the role to the manager responsible for human resources. Pexitics can also help organizations identify key competencies and build robust frameworks through its expertise in HR Analytics.

Do organizations require existing tech know how or infrastructure before using PexiScore?

Quite simply, no. PexiScore assessments are completely managed and run online. However, if an organization already has an HRMS and would like to use data from it while setting up assessments and managing the assessment reports, custom integrations are possible. This is one of the major advantages of PexiScore. The entire process is hosted online and the only Pre-requisites for using PexiScore is a good internet connection. It can be managed remotely, and with features being added on a regular basis, it is making the hiring process increasingly simple and efficient through automation.

An HBR article dealing with the benefits and pitfalls of using hiring automation, talks about how the main benefit is cost saving, but warns that, it should be accompanied with the evidence of better hiring. This evidence can often be lacking in many automation solutions that focus on the data relating to reducing costs of hiring and don’t focus on the data related to changes in the outcomes of hiring. however with the aim to provide this evidence always suggests a proof of concept, free of cost, before large scale implementation.

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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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