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3 ways PexiScore can be used by HR Managers

Dear HR Managers,

Do you often feel that some parts of hiring requirements like Skills required, Names of software and techniques and Process knowledge “Business knows best” ? As HR Managers hiring across many job roles and diverse functions, its getting increasingly difficult to remember and understand what makes a candidate a great fit vs a good fit?

If yes, lets all move to making Business Managers contributing partners in the hiring process.

Case 1 – When the Branch manager in Shimoga wants a new candidate for sales, let him create a JD of his requirement (languages required, person should own a Two-wheeler etc.) and you can then coordinate with the consultants and publish this requirements in LinkedIn etc. allows you to co-manage the process , with you always being in control because you can see who applied, took the test and qualified for the interview!


Case 2 – When the Analytics Head gives a requirement saying “I want someone who is an expert in SAS and also knows R “, let him input the skill questions which will satisfy the criterion that he has in mind .

Use to create the JD and give The Analytics Head “Edit” rights. He/She can then input the series of questions that will convince him that the candidate has the right mix of knowledge on SAS and R


Case 3 – When the AVP operations wants to move 10 people from “Rest of Maharashtra” to Mumbai , send her a Job id from Let her get all 30 “Rest of Maharashtra” employees to get assessed and choose the ones with the highest PexiScore – making the process impartial

Do you believe that can cause a revolution in hiring ? We sure do . Come , lets make everyone in the organisation help in getting the “exactly right” person for the job .


Team Pexiscore.

Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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