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“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it” – Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama – The Buddha

He was born into a royal family in the village of Lumbini in present-day Nepal, One day, after growing up, marrying and having a child, Siddhartha went outside the royal enclosure where he lived. When he went outside he saw, each for the first time, an old man, a sick man, and a corpse, this greatly disturbed him. He decided that he should leave his protected royal life and live as a homeless holy man.
The treasure house is within you. Look within for the answer to your heart’s desire.
Most of our stress, anxiety, indecision, and doubt around making #decisions is rooted in fear. We fear unknown outcomes, or we fear negative outcomes that we project might happen.

You may be afraid that if you act according to your heart, you will make people angry. And that might be exactly what happens, but your fears of consequence and of people being angry with you will make sure it never happens. You realize that even if you have to deal with loss, you have regained something of yourself.

When we follow our hearts we may actually find that we develop a newfound respect for ourselves. Not only that, we may get the respect of those that we love and admire. Why is this? It is because we are now focusing on what truly matters instead of the trappings of things that have no meaning at all.

When we start to #follow our hearts, when we are willing to ask the tough questions about what really matters to us, we may get to know ourselves on a level that we never have before. If we listen to our hearts, we may be surprised that we can find a way to make our hearts #desire come to fruition.
Having a genuine interest in something can’t be faked and it’s the surest way to succeed. As Steve Jobs famously said, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Explore your talent and know that every talent can lead to profit. Everyone shouldn’t blindly opt for a professional course without clearly understanding their expectations first.
No matter what you want out of life get yourself involved today in the first step towards getting it. For once you take the first step in the right direction, you will find that each subsequent step is so much easier. in fact, each following step just naturally falls into place.
It is foolish for you to think that you must give up changing your life for the better. In fact,if you do not provide a definite place in your daily life for your new interest it will be postponed, kicked around, finally ignored and forgotten.
It’s just a matter of finding a little time each day to devote to your new interests instead of worrying about the magnitude of the job ahead.
It is unfortunate that most men and women end up in the wrong job because of various reasons, continue to doze and snap and growl, but condition never gets quite hot enough to force them to do anything about it.  If you feel you ought to change your field, believe me, it’s well worthwhile to make the move for when you are in the job you enjoy, you are more productive, you are more creative, you feel better, you are easier to get along with you,  do a better job and you enjoy more of the rewards and pleasure of life.

Sometimes challenging situations lead to beautiful life-changing opportunities… so listen to your heart because they’re honest to you.

One afternoon, a teenager named Malala was shot in the head for advocating women’s right to education through her pen in a Taliban-riddled Pakistan because she dared to raise her voice against the regressive establishment in her village. Though the attack left her under intensive care for long but couldn’t break her will to continue to fight for what she believed in. Her constant activism on women’s education in Pakistan bore fruit when the first Right to Education Bill was passed. Malala, being the youngest Nobel Prize laureate is one of the phenomenal instances of hope and endurance. She is also in the Time Magazine‘s list of ‘The 100 Most Influential People in the World’.

There is a movie called #LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. It’s love at first sight for Danny when he meets Ariana, a wealthy hearing-impaired girl from Greenwich, CT. Tragically, she is unable to hear the music she inspires him to compose.She is so much found of music, she wants to be free to take her decision but scared of her mother.He made her realize to listen to her heart and not too scared of herself.
There is no greater truth that when we #follow our heart, we cease to have regrets. While things may not always go in our favor, at least we will have tried. At least we will know the truth,  your heart will guide you in the right direction.

When we listen to our hearts 
When we listen to our hearts,we can ask ourselves if we are on our right and genuine path. If there is apathy or ambiguity for what we are currently doing,   Our hearts will guide us towards our true direction. Sometimes it has been a long time since we have trusted our intuition, but having started to follow our hearts again, we clear a space to hear and listen to our intuition again.  we are more open to following our hearts.
When we follow our hearts;
When we follow our hearts, we truly begin to love ourselves. We start to believe that we are good enough, even great. We believe that we are exactly the person we should be. That everything that has happened to us, good or bad, has made us the person we are today. That each of the things that have happened was for a reason, taught us a lesson, and enabled us to develop some skill and knowledge we possess today. We are just as we should be, and we should love the person we are. we stop overthinking things.  We have faith and believe in our hearts that we can survive anything that comes our way and that it has come our way for a reason.

I personally experienced in my life, after I followed my heart and took a certain decision I have developed internal respect for myself as well as from my first circle of loved ones.I feel really good internally that I never felt before.
When we are # honest with ourselves;
It tells us that it does not want us to hurt. It does not want us to hold grudges or be vengeful, as the person that we end up hurting most is ourselves. When we are honest with ourselves, we will realize that the person that we are struggling to forgive is likely not sitting around and spending their time thinking about us. They are living their lives, they have moved past us, and any history we shared. The same can be said for ourselves. We often have so many mistakes from our past that we struggle to let go of and forgive ourselves for, but we cannot go back and change them. We cannot erase them or control them. What we can control is everything that we do from this moment forward, so let it be a future of kindness to self and others. To focus on the present, forget the past, and to not worry about the future.When we are honest with ourselves, when we are willing to ask ourselves what is truly in our hearts, we open ourselves up to the possibility. Possibility to fulfill our heart’s desire, and to be who we were truly meant to be, doing what we were meant to do.

a live example of following your heart; I met a boy recently graduated name Surya in one of the assignment on 14th September, he is from a small town where a lot of orthodox people stay around, His devotion towards following his desire was really great.working towards it and much gratitude is amazing. great fan of Dhirubhai Ambani, I can foresee his success.

take  tips;Test yourself to get into the new field you are considering by studying this field in your spare time.
Draw up a plan that will permit a gradual shift of Emphasis from what you are doing to what you want to do so that you can thoroughly prepare yourself for the change.prepare yourself for the first job you can hope to hold in your chosen field and if you cannot make the desired switch, your own intrested field, that is you would be proud to work for. Then talk with some of your friends and find out whether they know someone in that organization well enough that you can favorably be introduced to the person who can use your service and who has the authority to hire you. when you meet this person, show him why you are interested in his organization and how your service can be used this means that you should take acquaint yourself with that organization and carefully prepare in advance what you are going to say in the interview.

 # If you are really prepared and see enough prospects, the desired opportunity will come.


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