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Interestingly , the first proof of a resume is seen in ancient Rome where wooden tablets were used to chronicle professional facts . Recruitment assessments were used in China in 1500 BCE – the Imperial exams were conducted for recruiting civil servants. In fact, that where the Britishers saw it and then adopted it as an efficient method of recruiting deserving candidates.

Hiring is the starting of the relationship between the organization and an employee. Among the various tasks during the hiring process, a lot many can be slotted as being mundane and repetitive – though very important, in the hiring funnel. The Resume screening and the first leg of shortlisting is rather routine, manned often by junior , inexperienced people. Have you ever wondered if many deserving candidates may have got rejected wrongly at this stage – the very first stage – of the recruitment cycle? Perhaps the resume was differently made, perhaps the person screening the resume may have to look behind / beyond the resume and only then decide….

Image – Recruitment Funnel in many organizations – ratio of resumes to final joining is 100 to 2

This thought process makes organizations invest in assessments… behavior, core values, competency , skills, aptitude and others. This leads to the question, in what combination or sequence should the assessments be seen? After all, operational roles are very different from Leadership roles. Subject matter experts in Individual Contributor roles need to be processed differently from the Team manager roles . But this is , still, just the first leg of the screening. We surely cannot put the best and senior most HR resources here … so what is an acceptable solution?

Models like PexiScore (People Excellence Indicator Score) can come into the picture. Back end algorithms combine different assessment and resume attributes to create a FITMENT score. This fitment score varies for the same candidate across various jobs !! Thus, it helps relative rank the candidates who apply for a job from the best fit to the least fit – in a combination of aptitude, behavior, motivation of work , skills and demographics . this combination will vary by job role type to be efficient – after all one size does not fit all. Thus, though this may fall short of the 100% efficiency shown by Superman , it will surely be at par with the 95% performance shown by James Bond (in Hiring). How does it sound ? Would you like a whole team of James Bonds working for your hiring ?

Of course, each organization has a unique culture and perhaps, has a slightly ‘different’ hiring process , which suits it. Can a FITMENT score really suggest fitment as per each organization’s specific style ? The answer is – Yes, at least for the established roles ! (Perhaps the newer roles may be a challenge until we have seen a few hires .) Set the benchmark by looking at the best 30 people in a function (yes, run your existing employees through the assessments – especially those who are doing well in the organisation – and get the benchmark) . Then let ML (machine learning) continue revising the benchmark dynamically, on the basis of the hiring pattern. This process of continuous improvement and adjustments helps the hiring process stay in tune to the current trends in hiring for the organization.

Image – Sample correlation heatmap


What if you use other systems (and not PexiScore) ?  I suggest you create a similar FITMENT SCORE using the assessments that you are currently using . Do run a correlation and find out which factors and traits are present in your ‘desirable and high performing’ employees. Reach out to me at / 7349662320 if you want to discuss on this further.

Also watch the video to understand the fitment better:


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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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