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Tips on how to use Naukri, Monster and other job sites effectively – for the modern recruiter

Today when we think of Hiring, the default options that come to our mind are the top job sites like Naukri, Monster India, Times Jobs and Shine etc. These act as job boards, where we recruiters create jobs and know that millions of users will access the jobs. Candidate who are interested will apply for them. These sites are good sourcing grounds for candidates – and the good news is that we can use the filtering system on these sites to download resumes of candidates. So at least we have some initial people who we can start calling and checking out !

However, some facts to note are:-

  1. The volume of people on Naukri and other job sites are going up
  2. Resumes are often self-glorified and contain lots of non-factual information
  3. Skills are of upmost importance in productivity but resumes do not give us any clear idea of the skill level of an applicant

Thus, finally the recruitment team ends up doing multiple calls and conversation based assessments and fitment. They are helped by assessment tools like CoCubes, MeritTrac etc. These tools assess on the basis of online tests.

Instead of dealing with multiple tools , use Naukri and other job sites along with to handle the hiring process smoothly and efficiently

The process we find that works best is as follows :-


  1. Create a Job on and generate a JobCode (sample job code- SPISOF0517871; Sample job link – )
  2. Post the job on Naukri/Moster and other job sites. The job will have your name and will have the summary of the job as well as the link to apply for the same (Sample job link –

  1. You can also download the contact details of candidates who meet your search on Naukri and mail them the job link (that you have created on
  2. Interested applicants on Naukri will read the post / mail and apply using the link given in the post (Sample job link –
  3. The recruiter will be able to see all the applicant details , resume (all in one format) and the PexiScore report in the dashboard (see image attached).


Advantages of using Naukri (and other job sites) and PexiScore in partnership are :-

  1. You can reach millions of possible candidates and applicants using Naukri
  2. They can apply through the PexiScore platform – which will auto-format all resumes in the same format and create a score for the applicants
  3. The Recruiter gets detailed quantified outcomes in graphs and charts and qualitative comments – which can be used to conduct an effective interview.


What drives the score at ?

  1. Fact to fact match of Job Requirement (which the recruiter has put while creating the Job Code) with the applicant’s profile details (which the applicant has made while applying for the job )
  2. Aptitude test (if the Recruiter wants the Applicant to go through an Aptitude test, the site enables it)
  3. Behaviour test (if the Recruiter wants the Applicant to go through a Psychometric test to access workplace behaviour, the site enables it)
  4. Skill test ((if the Recruiter wants the Applicant to go through a Skill test which is MCQ or subjective, the site enables it)


How does the dashboard look and feel ?

The dashboard has graphs and filters and allows for fellow recruiters . Take a look at how it looks

We are happy to be part of the Analytics revolution in Human Resources . Do write to me at if you want a demo or just want to interact.

Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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