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Core Value Systems:

A core value is defined as a principle or belief that a person or organization views as being of central importance. These are the guiding principles that dictate ones behavior and help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Today, the main driving force of established organisation are their Core value systems- which they strictly adhere to. Having clear vision of what an organisation as an entity wants as well as the basic framework of ethics and values under which the same will be achieved, makes it easier to focus and monitor the value systems that are flowing within the ranks. Having people with value systems that match with the organisation creates a harmonious and healthy work environment. Whereas, having people with conflicting value systems creates dissonance and discord.

For an organisation that works on parity and unity through collaborative work culture and mutual trust and respect, it is important the employees they are hiring also have the same beliefs and values. Someone who is too competitive and believes in getting the outcome, no matter what, might end up disturbing the balance. It will be difficult for that person to work in a less competitive and more collaborative environment. Thus, it is imperative that a behavioural study is done to find out the core values and behavioural traits of an employee before she/he is hired so that there are no dissonance at later stage.

Often it is seen that in certain companies, a candidate is not hired even after having the required skill sets. The reason being lack of culture fitment with the organisation. Even if an employee has the required skill sets, if his values doesn’t resonate with that of the organisation then it will be difficult for him/her to work. This might lead to poor performance and discord. So, companies often let go of skilled candidates to find someone who is a better fit in terms of values.

One value that has been almost like a constant in most of the organisation is ‘integrity’.

Companies like Tata Group who has been there for over 150 years has consistently emphasised on the importance of integrity as one of the core values in their employees.

Another values that goes hand in hand with Integrity is Accountability. It is the capability of someone to take responsibility for their own actions. Becoming accountable at an individual level ensures accountability on the part of entire organisation and this starts reflecting in the work as well.

Some values which are more important to an organisation may not be equally important for others. Unity or the ability to be a part of a group is another major value that is essential. If a team comprises of people who are all excellent team player and works as a single unit then they will surely out perform a team of people who might be more skilled but not team players. This happens because when multiple minds work towards a problem. Not only does the solution is found quickly but more than one solution is achieved which leads to the best possible solution to a problem.

With companies expanding globally and recruiting people all over the world, unity and team playing ability is a must need for a team to succeed. Creativity and innovation are some of the values that are highly sought in organisations who are into product designing and development. Tech giants like Oracle puts “dedication to innovation” as one of their core values.

Nowadays, it has become important for companies to start focusing on finding the best fit employees based on their Core values and not only on their academic performance. We believe it is important to measure the Core values of employees at 2 junctures:

  • When a candidate applies for a job, this affects the hiring decision
  • Ongoing measurement at regular intervals to avoid dissonance in the organisation

The PexiScore assessment tool driven by Analytics, measures the core values at both these levels and enables proper decision making and intervention.

How are core values measured through Pexiscore?

Core values are broken into the following parts and measured through assessments.

The metrics which are generally measured are:

  1. Decision Making
  2. Creativity
  3. Openness
  4. Vision Approach
  5. Team Player
  6. Openness to Learning
  7. Self Esteem
  8. Resourcefulness
  9. Innovation
  10. Morality
  11. Team Management
  12. Emotional Stability
  13. Fight vs Flight
  14. Handling Conflict
  15. Negotiation
  16. Numerical Ability
  17. Verbal Communication
  18. Comprehension & Proficiency
  19. Situational Judgment
  20. Logical Thinking

These attributes are custom combined to create the few Core Values that are the guiding forces of the organisation.

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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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