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Choices maketh the man; man maketh the choices. Like a perpetual circle, we choose and then get driven by our choices, leading us to a fateof chaos or happiness. The approach to find what choices lie in how they are chosen, what values drive such choicesand what we can do to make better choicescan make […]


Marketing Analytics for Data-Rich Environments

Declaration: This is a summary of the white paper by Michel Wedel & P.K. Kannan The routine capture of digital information through online and mobile applications produces vast data streams on how consumers feel, behave, and interact around products and services as well as how they respond to marketing efforts. Data are assuming an increasingly […]


Talent Assessments for deciding on Promotions

Large organizations , Millennials , Disruptive technologies , Global Village are all part of our ‘working’ VUCA world.  How can we factor all of this and keep up with the Annual Appraisal Process , which is now driven by 360 degree feedbacks and 2 way conversations ? We strongly recommend using Talent Assessments (especially from Pexiscore) […]