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Engagement is a critical issue for organisations today with the dawn of the social age and millennials at the workplace. It becomes more critical when there is a lack of skilled resources to be encouraged to participate in the organizational dream. Every organization exists for the holistic purpose of marketing its products and services as […]


How HR Assessment and Survey tools are Validated.

Case Study – Validity of reports The question of the validity of an assessment is one of the primary questions in the mind for  Human  Resource professionals while subscribing to the assessments and services provided by us as a part of the community and engaging our base of happily served clients across the globe. […]


Case study – Hiring Analytics to maximize efficiency

For a quarterly review with a customer, we checked in what outputs they wanted to discuss on the Hiring Assessment data in PexiScore. They came back with the following 3 questions they wanted answered; 1. For the people who apply to my organization?                              1.1         Which attributes which go together? 1.2         Which attributes don’t match […]



Engagement improves productivity at the workplace. Productivity is in turn driven by values. If these values match the culture, performance improves. Engagement surveys are in actual culture surveys in disguise. This is to help understand the performance motivation of the employee and whether it is directing productivity towards the right direction. While engagement provides higher […]


Develop these 3 competencies for Mid and Senior Managers in the VUCA world

The discussion around Competencies and then, effective Learning programs for these competencies , is happening everywhere. It is great if customized competencies are developed for different levels in the organization, but is there a point where we can start Right NOW ?? The 3 Competencies of focus are : Planning and Prioritizing work – to […]