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Use reports power by Analytics to improve hiring quality and speed.

Pexitics, the parent entity is an Analytics Consulting and Learning centre for large organisations to seek solutions on Data & Analytics as a solution provider. Pexitics is in existence since 2012 and comes with a pool of rich experience & expertise in the field of Analytics and Data Science. Pexitics developed the 7AS© framework to assess […]


Reading the PexiScore Report

The PexiScore report is a 9-10 page report (depending on the number of questions that the Hiring Manager has asked the applicants) Page 1 – Here we understand the basic information of the candidate like: Name of applicant, hiring manager, Date and the Job Code against which the Applicant is being evaluated. Page 2 – […]


A guide to using assessments for hiring: The good, the bad and the ugly

Assessments for hiring have been around for a while. However, most organizations have been reluctant to adopt them.  The human resource function is very person centric. While there is no dearth of innovation within the hiring process, there has been a significant lack of training and education to enable the adoption of these innovations. This […]