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The importance of Career Guidance:

During the last leg of schooling, when they are in high school, a lot of students remain confused as to what should be their career choice. In spite of having a lot of options, there remains widespread dilemma regarding the suitable career. Owing to this confusion, most of the students tend to follow their peers […]


Worxogo Project

Worxogo Project Recently we finished a project with one of our customers worxogo. Worxogo are in a very interesting field. The data for which we were working came from one of their solutions for gamification of sales. Amongst other means, they also use ‘nudge’ which was recently in news because Richard Thaler, the father of […]


Are you building a winning team or just hiring to fill the gaps?

High performing individuals don’t contribute critically to a team’s success, proper communication does. This is what a study published in the Harvard Business Review, in 2012, discovered, while exploring what building great teams meant. Teams with stronger and more equally weighted relationships within them performed better, regardless of the mix of team members in terms of […]


How PexiScore augments your organization’s HRMS

Over the past few months, whenever we have talked about PexiScore, we have often been asked how it is different from an HRMS. While could make the Application Tracking System (ATS) component of an HRMS redundant, it in no way, is a substitute for an end to end HRMS system. This is specifically because […]