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A whole branch of psychology called Positive Psychology has been dedicated to deciphering the Happiness Quotient in humans. More than just being in a positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life – a life that delivers reason for existence and a denser satisfaction for life.   Research shows […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Vision Approach.

As a part of decision making and one of the toughest core competencies in leadership is the Vision Approach. The American Institutes for Research states that vision is not “a prophecy, a mission, factual, true or false, static, or a constraint on actions” and warns against the tendency to become overly attached to a particular […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Team Management.

People often confuse Team Management with leadership; while it is a leadership trait, we manage teams right from childhood years. Remember the Class Monitor role when you were a kid? This attribute tests your capability to manage diverse sets of individuals with varying interest and skill levels. This is true more often than not, we […]