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The importance of Career Guidance:

During the last leg of schooling, when they are in high school, a lot of students remain confused as to what should be their career choice. In spite of having a lot of options, there remains widespread dilemma regarding the suitable career. Owing to this confusion, most of the students tend to follow their peers […]


Are you building a winning team or just hiring to fill the gaps?

High performing individuals don’t contribute critically to a team’s success, proper communication does. This is what a study published in the Harvard Business Review, in 2012, discovered, while exploring what building great teams meant. Teams with stronger and more equally weighted relationships within them performed better, regardless of the mix of team members in terms of […]


What is the case for integrating technology and analytics into hiring?

On the 1st of July 2017, Pexitics hosted its first webinar to introduce PexiScore to the HR fraternity. This is the first of a series of articles that zooms into the key points raised during the webinar. The webinar was co-presented by Peoples Analytics Commons and The session was led by Subhashini S. Tripathi […]


A guide to using assessments for hiring: The good, the bad and the ugly

Assessments for hiring have been around for a while. However, most organizations have been reluctant to adopt them.  The human resource function is very person centric. While there is no dearth of innovation within the hiring process, there has been a significant lack of training and education to enable the adoption of these innovations. This […]


3 reasons for the Business Head to use PexiScore for hiring

Dear Business Head, Do you feel you end up wasting a lot of time rejecting CVs which HR has recommended ? Do you wonder why you need to interview 30 people to choose 3? Use as you Hiring Advisor. Get HR to route all candidates through and get a scored pool – Matched […]