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‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Handling conflict.

The role of conflict management is to reduce negative outcomes while increasing learning and goal achievements. Conflicts can happen between two strangers and also between two friends or groups well known to each other. Every conflict can result into either a lose-lose, lose-win or win-win, the last being the best way to handle conflicts. Handling […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Emotional Stability.

The ability to handle stress and remain calm and balanced is emotional stability. This attribute tests your reaction to negative events and thoughts and how it affects you in your role as a team player or manager. Everyone is affected by fears and challenges, but the reaction and capability to balance it out is key […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Decision Making.

The concept of a decision-making process is a cognitive process that leads to effective management of available alternatives to arrive at effective judgments. Decisions should be the result of rational and deliberate reasoning. Plato argued that human knowledge can be derived on the basis of reason alone using deduction and self-evident propositions. Aristotle formalized logic […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Creativity.

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in finding solutions to problems, communicating, entertaining and viewing things from a different perspective. While every human being has this quality, some of the traits of creative personalities are as follows; Creative individuals have a great deal […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Aggression Quotient

Aggression has a clear connect with emotional stability and intelligence. Aggression as a behaviour is ingrained in human beings as a defence mechanism. However, the use of aggression can be classified into job roles and into measurable scales. Too much aggression is never an option, while being too meek and not determined in not in […]