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Attrition Management – Explained though Case studies(Case Study 3)

Case Study 3 – A Probability of attrition scoring model was created for a banking unit to enable retention efforts before the actual attrition. Also, a Defend Grow Exit matrix was created to decide the force of interventions made. Particulars about the data – the employee data did not have too many variations in skill […]


Attrition Management – Explained though Case studies(Case Study 2)

Case Study 2 – Deep dive attrition MIS was created for a Services company to explore the changes in the Attrition trends across FY 15 and FY 16. Particulars about the data :- the data was maintained in excel sheets, and the average attrition values were around 50 people per month. The excel data in […]


Attrition management – an Analytics perspective

In January 2018 , the Harvard Business Review ran an article titled “Why People Really Quit Their Jobs” written by Lori Goler, Janelle Gale, Brynn Harrington and Adam Grant. The case study was Facebook and why employees left that company. The main take – away was that people quit jobs  ‘when their job wasn’t enjoyable, […]


HR Analytics for employee engagement: Using DCOVA&I to drive higher engagement

Data scientists at Pexitics are approached for HR Analytics consulting when organizations have an HR problem that they want to solve. So was the case, with an organization that used engagement surveys, to measure employee engagement. The organization wanted to find out how they could improve overall engagement levels at their organization. To work on […]



Start-ups are rocket ships fuelled by dreams. Well that’s the poetic (and very limited) way of looking at it. But on the ground start-ups are sometimes built out of the murkiest stuff. Initial negotiations with funders are like mud wrestling matches under the tropical sun. Working in borrowed spaces, people who build start-ups are building […]