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Is the “Lead-ability ” quotient in our leaders adequate?

I came across this quote and it got me thinking. It said – ” It’s a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test.” That is so true in this day and age where talent comes and goes, where loyalty is passe’ and attrition, recruitment and retention are challenges […]


The future of work seems to be a bit like Sci-Fi. Are we ready?

Are you a fan of futuristic sci-fi fiction that describes dystopian or faux utopian futures that have gone wrong or right because of the advancement of technology? Material that deals with these themes feeds off the uncertainty of how the future is going to turn out for mankind in a world that is changing so […]



Start-ups are rocket ships fuelled by dreams. Well that’s the poetic (and very limited) way of looking at it. But on the ground start-ups are sometimes built out of the murkiest stuff. Initial negotiations with funders are like mud wrestling matches under the tropical sun. Working in borrowed spaces, people who build start-ups are building […]



We keep meeting and discussing data, being a core part of our job. Data enthuses us, and also encourages us to explore what benefits we can bring to the table for clients who already have a vast repository of data, most of which is stores in a non-sequential, unorganized or simply haphazard manner. We always […]