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A whole branch of psychology called Positive Psychology has been dedicated to deciphering the Happiness Quotient in humans. More than just being in a positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life – a life that delivers reason for existence and a denser satisfaction for life.   Research shows […]


‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Negotiation.

Negotiation is the art of having your words spoken by the other party. In contrast to handling conflict, the differences are as follows: i) Negotiation does not mean there is a conflict. It is the means to reach a win-win outcome for both parties. ii) In a conflict where you are the adjudicator, whereas in […]


Business Health Scan – Luxury or necessity?

Just concluded a Business Healthscan of a 2 decade plus slow growth company with the MD, COO and 5 cross functional leaders across 7 core business areas. While areas like Innovation, Marketing & Branding and Competition awareness scored reasonably others like Business Strategies for 2X growth, Sales Operations, Business Planning, HR were a sea of […]


Grooming for middle management leadership: 10 focus areas

Organisations that do not invest adequately in training, skilling and competency development of middle management for leadership roles pay the price later. As companies strengthen their middle management, the need to prepare mid managers for leadership roles has become more important than ever for the organisation to perform well. Here I am  listing key takeaways […]


Attrition Management – Explained though Case studies(Case Study 1)

Case Study 1 – Trend forecasting (Month on month) for an ITES major. The forecasts were broken up by department and locations. Also, the conditions under which the forecast would not hold true were also articulated (through a causality model) Particulars about the data: – The data was from the employee portal where the exit […]