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Case study – Hiring Analytics to maximize efficiency


For a quarterly review with a customer, we checked in what outputs they wanted to discuss on the Hiring Assessment data in PexiScore. They came back with the following 3 questions they wanted answered;

1. For the people who apply to my organization?                             

1.1         Which attributes which go together?

1.2         Which attributes don’t match with one another for most applicants?    

2. Scores in which attributes tell me that a person will be shortlisted for interview?                      

    Conversely, scores in some attributes do not influence shortlisting.                      

3. What are the benchmark scores I should look at for people who will succeed in the hiring process?             

The background on the data is as follows:

We took a sample of 250 people who had taken Assessments for Junior and Middle Management jobs in the last quarter. The Assessments were both, on Cognitive Ability (Aptitude) and for Competencies and Core Values (Behavior). These candidates were all vetted to assure ourselves that they had taken reasonable time to complete the assessments and had not just gone through the process (generally, non-serious candidates rush through the Assessment at backbreaking speed).

We excluded the Leadership Jobs and the candidates thereof from this exercise (too few in number).

The sanity checks over, the next step was to start the statistical Analysis. Correlation helped us understand which variables went together and we followed this up with a clustering exercise.

The outcomes were:

Conclusion: Generally, 95 out of 100 candidates were high or low on all attributes of a cluster. Any mismatch could be treated as a warning sign and could be seen as a red flag.Some attributes did not show any correlation to other attributes and needed to be considered on a singular basis. These are as follows:

Which type of person is most likely to get called for a face to face interview (conducted after the assessments and post a telephonic interview by HR) – We see that people who score average and above in behavior and aptitude and have high scores in Openness (Cluster 1 attributes) and Morality are called for the face to face interviews. Point to ponder: Can we remove the telephonic interview process and shorten the Time to Hire?

Easy to say “low” , “medium” and “high” for each attribute. But what exactly should be the Benchmark scores (above which candidate report should be scrutinized in detail?) This should allow me to focus on the better 80% of the population.

(a table with the exact scores has also been created for the HR team)

With these inputs, the client came us with some changes in the process which helped reduce the burden on the Hiring team .

  • Only candidates who exceeded the benchmark (Lower Limit) scores for all attributes were considered for telephonic interviews (reducing the number of interviews by 20%)
  • The Scores for Openness and Morality were checked and applicants with High scores on both were prioritized

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