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Career paths for the journey ahead.


As I sit to pen down on my thoughts on career paths for students, my memory takes me back to the days when I was one. There was neither the concept of career counselors or at least I didn’t get to access one! Social media and websites weren’t a rage and hence all one could find was through newspapers and hearsay.

We have covered a lot of digital distance in the last decade and today, thanks to internet, information is as far as a click of a few buttons. This is immensely pleasing and a blessing to the student and parent community. However, our research showed that even parents are falling short of guiding their wards towards the right career choices even today. And I seek to elaborate this below in 5 critical points;


  1. Beyond academics : Career paths today are still seemingly determined by academic excellence. Careers have however moved beyond academics with the wise variety of resources, innovation and technological leaps that mankind has undertaken. Academics take time to incorporate them into learning modules. A simple example is entrepreneurship. The first trader eons ago was among one of the first organized professions alongwith the farmer, hunter or warrior. However, it is only lately that entrepreneurship has been put into an academic format.
  2. Technology dominates : Technology has been more pervasive into our lives today. Bulbs can now light up at human presence; this is because of the human nature to explore and innovate. However, not all are aware of the choices one has in technology or the multiple new disciplines coming of age as far as career choices are concerned. I wouldn’t naively call it ignorance; it’s rather the pace that we often find difficult to cope up with.
  3. Counselling : We are often confronted with career counselors. These are social sciences specialists who are rather focused on motivating students more rather than information about the latest career options. I do not wish to blame them; they are faced with the tragic of providing information hurled towards them rather than access a holistic information grail of career paths available today.
  4. Internet of Things : I often visit career sites who seem more than often to speak of the traditional career choices like engineering, medical, arts and sciences. Did you know, the iPhone did not exist in 2006? Today we are oblivious to the digital pace as time hurls faster in the digital era. Yet the concern to provide a holistic yet modern guide on how students can choose the best career paths for themselves once they have reached the thinking age group of 13+ is seemingly vacant.
  5. Choices are cognitive: Humans are now blessed with the ability of cognitive adaptations of technology in machines. Students undergo a lot of emotional development and hence do exhibit a particular temperament for a particular type of job or industry. This can be now measured and has been adapted in the western part of the globe. We should now be moving towards this frame of intelligence as far as the future journey ahead is concerned, as careers and job streams will still remain the way we earn our daily bread is concerned for years ahead.

How will we deal with all of this?


We at PexiScore have been working on analytics and cognitive behavior to deliver a tool that is online, seeks cognitive responses and transforms them into career choices that cover both the traditional with the upcoming and exciting career paths of today. Using assessment techniques, we understand the mind of the student using algorithmic questions and responses and script them into a comprehensive report covering key areas like temperament, Industry interests, Behavior and Aptitude profiling alongwith academic profiling to suggest the latest job roles that could suit the candidate both academically and temperamentally. Seek to know more about this interesting stuff we are doing? Visit or view this video on CareerGraph.



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