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Business Health Scan – Luxury or necessity?

Just concluded a Business Healthscan of a 2 decade plus slow growth company with the MD, COO and 5 cross functional leaders across 7 core business areas.

While areas like Innovation, Marketing & Branding and Competition awareness scored reasonably others like Business Strategies for 2X growth, Sales Operations, Business Planning, HR were a sea of RED ie scores < 5 on a scale of 10 !!

That these scores came from the larger leadership team increased the acceptance of the gaps and the why. Also they felt involved, their voices heard and are now fully committed to the journey of change.

The words of the MD during and after the session- “It was indeed a good exercise, much needed at this point of time for the company. Core team now understands and acknowledges the challenges and are willing to contribute to make changes in their relevant areas.”

The MD also accepted that the sea of RED of the critical areas was a reflection of his leadership and the profound acceptance in the meeting endeared him to the team.

Showing vulnerability and acceptance of mistakes as the leader can often be the best way to earn respect and commitment . Business Health Scan often triggers such responses and change.

Keeping the note in mind Pexiscore have come up with Happiness Report in the concern of employees mental health.

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