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‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Emotional Stability.

The ability to handle stress and remain calm and balanced is emotional stability. This attribute tests your reaction to negative events and thoughts and how it affects you in your role as a team player or manager. Everyone is affected by fears and challenges, but the reaction and capability to balance it out is key to success in life and the workplace. One of the key factors in emotional stability is a competency called logical thinking. Logically thinking, no incident affects us forever, unless we decide to let it affect us. As they say, anyone who hasn’t failed hasn’t tried hard enough. While failures and setbacks are part of any journey, be it personal or professional, our capability to handle it using practice and logical thinking can bring about a higher maturity and balance. This is a key trait nowadays employers and Hiring Managers look for in any employee across domains and skill sets.

What is good?

Emotional stability remains the central theme in personality studies. The concept of stable emotional behaviour at any level is that which reflects the fruits of normal emotional development. Not getting carried away by emotions and maintaining the ability to thin clearly is something good. Especially at places of work, we should make logical and practical decisions and not emotional ones. Whenever we have a discord with someone in our team, we often tend to get biased against that person. Avoiding such thing is good. Not allowing the emotion to cloud the judgement at that point of time is very important.

What is bad?

We find a creeping sense of emotions growing out of control in society. Everyday news comes to us rife with reports of disintegration of civility and safety, an onslaught of mean spirited impulse running amok. These outbursts of emotional ineptitude, desperation and recklessness are a spreading malice prevalent and growing today and their number has revealed a quantum jump in depression and surging tide of aggression.

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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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