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‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Avoiding.

When to use:

Emotions are high, and people need to cool down.

The issue at hand is actually just a result of a much simpler issue that can be solved more easily.

Your team is fully capable of solving the conflict without your involvement.

More information should be gathered before facing the conflict, in order to resolve it more productively.

The benefit of facing the conflict does not outweigh the cost of doing so.

There are more pressing issues at hand.

When not to use:

The decision at hand must be made quickly.

The core reason is to avoid a frank conversation.

You may be overusing the avoiding mode if there is coordination trouble due to waiting on input, there is an atmosphere of “walking on eggshells,” or decisions about important issues are being made by default.

Keeping the note in mind Pexiscore have come up with various reports.

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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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