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‘Better you’ with CareerGraph – How to excel at Aggression Quotient

Aggression has a clear connect with emotional stability and intelligence. Aggression as a behaviour is ingrained in human beings as a defence mechanism. However, the use of aggression can be classified into job roles and into measurable scales. Too much aggression is never an option, while being too meek and not determined in not in the right spirit of intelligence or emotional stability. Fighting our fears is based on whether we are aggressive enough to overcome them. We might have often heard this from a friend; Do this or I won’t be your friend anymore. This social aggression is part of our everyday lives and is a test of your principles vs. emotions through these kinds of statements. Aggression is more often the result of preconditioned frustration. Here is why emotional stability can help overcome aggression.

Aggression can be classified into four levels:

Passive (flight) | Manipulative | Harmonious Aggression | Aggression Assertive (Physical)

Harmonious Aggression is the best level to be as it reinforces positive energy while manipulative aggression is akin to the example of social aggression provided above.

What is good?

As we discussed about good and bad aggression. Let us see a situation where aggression can be good.

Suppose you are playing a game of football and your side is losing by one goal. In such a situation, channelling all your aggression to focus and gather energy to defeat the other team will be a good thing to do. You go all out with the strength you have got. Become aggressively energetic so that the opponent becomes disbalanced and make a mistake that you can capitalize. Thus, aggression is good in certain situation, like sports. Even in sports like boxing and martial arts, a bit of aggression is needed to intimidate the opponent.


What is bad?

Well, bad aggression is something that we often experience most of the time. There are so many things happening around us, increasing our stress level. Bogging us down with difficult choices and situations, in such case we tend to break down and see aggression as a way of relief. Not being able to meet the numbers in sales creates a lot of pressure. Often that is converted to aggression which shows when the sales person is talking to a potential customer. However, that customer also tuns him/her down because of the aggressive behaviour. Therefore, we see that aggression can be detrimental as well even if it is not intentional.


How to become good?

So how do we control the aggression and harness it for our good? It is through practice. Whenever we are in a situation that makes us aggressive, we should take a step back and think what we are doing or going to do. Focusing on our reaction like this will help us take notice of the aggressiveness in us and then channel it properly.

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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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