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Too many people just drift into a job or a marriage, without much forethought; and then things don’t turn out too well they are inclined to resign themselves to an uncomfortable or unpleasant situations, instead of listening to their inner desires and using their imagination and instinct.

If you are housewife, you may still feel that it is futile to daydream. I went through that phase and observed other housewives, specially those who are well occupied with the job of raising a family, usually fall into the class of those who say “work is never done”, and it isn’t easy for a woman so occupied to extricate herself from the daily chores to pursue her heart’s desire.

We are on inclined to be as lazy as we dare to be, and it’s always a thrilling thing to observe a human being respond to a sudden challenge. I knew an old lady at my yoga class (in her late 70s), and every morning at 7 am, she would come so well dressed, with fashionable accessories, and perfect nail polish. It’s always amazing to see her, so updated with technology, she will mix and talk to all middle aged and young men and women, well versed with the happenings of the world, talk about books etc. I believe she still actively teaches at an institute and spends her days productively.

One of the main mistakes many people make is that they settle for an easy, monotonous existence, taking the most important blessing of life and the health and love of their family for granted. They may talk about doing this-or-that in order to improve themselves, or to make life more interesting. However they keep putting off doing anything about it, because they are never inspired and they are never forced into action by some sudden misfortune. Consequently, they live and die without reaching anywhere near their full potential for development and achievement. Their children will grow and start their career and one fine day if we ask ourselves what we are up to,

“We have grown old too in age”.

During middle age we should prepare vocationally for some reason for existence later in life, and if we don’t, we will certainly deteriorate mentally and physically before too long. Most middle aged people don’t seem to believe this, or at least they act very differently.

I have seen this in a lot of Indian women around me: they start eating a lot because of stress, and before they know it, they end up with lots of diseases. To make things worse, psychologically as well as mentally they will get very weak. As Sadguru says, “don’t make yourself a problem, be a solution”.

If you are woman in your Middle years with grown up children, or even if you’ve never had a family, put your desires down on paper and get ready to do something about achieving your desires.
I have a best friend(almost like a sister), and we have a very unique bond. She is so thrilled to go to her art class, so excited to go, that I can see the elation in her face. Once she asked me to accompany her for a class. As soon as I entered a class I can feel the energy over there, all aged 8- 80+,  immersed in doing their art.

Now I understood why she was always eager to come to this place. When I expressed my feelings, she said to me, “we are getting old we need something to keep us happy and engaged at our older age. I am investing towards my old age. ” There are plenty of women who have solve this problem in their own way.

The moment you begin to contemplate doing something new,  you are inclined to be discouraged at the very outset. When you begin thinking of all the challenges involved in the second and the third and the fourth and the following steps in your program, don’t permit your mind to become swamped  with a maze of problems that cannot be solved all at once. When you undertake one step at a time, you’ll find that a satisfactory solution to each step is relatively easy to arrive at, and as you progress .
 you might have to say, “I can think of a number of things that I’d like to do but that doesn’t mean that I can just up and do them”.
We are inclined to be as lazy as we dare to be, and it’s always a thrilling thing to observe a human being respond to a sudden challenge.

You may think you are too old to prosper. Or it’s already late to start. After all, it seems like everyone already grabbed the opportunities existing. It seems like the universe can’t cater for you anymore. And the only option you have is to just give up. Go with the flow. Or let life sail on its own.
Whatever situation you have, you can always turn a seemingly curse into a blessing. You can convert a doom into a room of happiness. People will always doubt your abilities. You may even doubt them yourself. But the power of passion should be stronger enough to kill those doubts.
You can always choose to make tomorrow better than today. It’s only you who can choose.

Some Inspiring Stories From Women

Gladys Burrill
Gladys Burrill is truly one incredible woman. She had been an aircraft pilot, mountain climber, hiker and a horseback rider. But these things are not what she is known for.

She had her first marathon when she was 86 years old. She became famous after completing the Honolulu Marathon at the age of 92.
Wait, marathon? 92 years old? Yessss!
Though she power-walked and jogged all throughout, she managed to reach
the finish line. Even though it took her nine hours and 53 minutes to finish, she is proud of reaching the goal she set. She was determined to do it, and so she did.
In turn, she was recognised by Guinness World Records and Hawaii House of Representatives for her wonderful story.



Laura Ingalls Wilder
Growing up, Wilder repeatedly moved from places to places. With a desire to help her family, she decided to become a teacher.
She quit teaching when she got married and helped her husband in the farm. Following the death of their one-month old son, her husband became partially paralysed.

She was 43 years old when her daughter, Rose, encouraged her to write a memoir about her childhood. Her first attempt on writing her autobiography has been rejected several times.

Determined to succeed, she spent the next several years improving it. The publishers agreed to publish her work in a form of fiction story for young children. She was 65 years old when “Little House in the Big Woods” was published. She wrote other “Little House” series including the last one that came out at age 76.

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