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Attrition Management – Explained though Case studies(Case Study 2)

Case Study 2 – Deep dive attrition MIS was created for a Services company to explore the changes in the Attrition trends across FY 15 and FY 16.

Particulars about the data :- the data was maintained in excel sheets, and the average attrition values were around 50 people per month. The excel data in 2015 was limited to around 15 columns and tracked an exiting employee across variables like desirable / undesirable attrition, performance rating in the previous year, reporting manager etc.

In 2016 the company started tracking 15 more variable including which company the employee was joining , reason of attrition etc.

Definition of the problem – How can we merge the data across 2015 and 2016 to gain maximum insights. What are the insights.

Limitation – the complete employee data was not available for analysis. We had to work on the Attrition data only .

What we did :- We merged the data for 20115 and 2016 to create enough mature data to do analysis and define trend cycles in attrition

The future MIS format was created only on 2016 data since that’s the data variables which would be available for tracking in the future

Insights:- the changing trend and volume in attrition , especially the ratio between desirable and undesirable attrition for the high performers , was highlighted and debated. Policies to govern undesirable attrition was formulated . A robust tracking system for attrition across levels in the organization was formalized.

Data was not consistent across years. We needed to understand the 2 years data and to devise a monthly report structure for the future

The solution:

Common data was used to create a data model for FY 15 & FY 16 . The forecasting was created on this data .

A dashboard with an attached storyboard was created on FY 16 data for future tracking

Keeping the note in mind Pexiscore have come up with various reports.

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Author: Subhashini Tripathi

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