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An ode to the old y(ear)


As the old year ends and the New year begins, I wish to thank all of you for supporting us in our endeavor to revitalize Human Resources in India.

We are an Indian company, and while we seek your further support in this New Year, it is not because we are a purely Indian entity; we are Made in India, and we are looking at purely Indian data to arrive at meaningful conclusions in assessments. And here ends our marketing pitch.

This pitch also causes the biggest sense of difference for us. Hiring or Job-rolling using data laced with the wisdom of psychometric and cognitive assessments enables understand the individual potential to a job role and effective functioning. This further backed by historical data makes the practice efficient. While we argue for looking at the practices, which we find worthwhile; let us leak out a truth. A truth that many might know but do not seek to accept.

No past data can be an absolute predictor unless it is your own data. Just like someone else’s IQ level does not predict your efficiency potential. Every organisation, within it’s boundaries of industry and locations, has it’s own set of uniqueness to ensure it floats among the competition it faces and beyond. We thus always insist that you sample and then create your own metrics and benchmarks for better understanding of what works for your organisation and when it is too little or too much. Whether you use us or any assessment platform. It will cost you to measure, but it is better than being fooled by randomness.

While we love and should hold the Thomases and HiPOs in high esteem, there can be no reason to undermine us; we use the same metrics and methods to assess job-rolling; however as I mentioned earlier, it should be your data and your metrics. Else you are just being a fashion statement. And that is like the curse of ice cream on a smooth voice.

With love from


Reuben Ray

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