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How PexiScore augments your organization’s HRMS

Over the past few months, whenever we have talked about PexiScore, we have often been asked how it is different from an HRMS. While could make the Application Tracking System (ATS) component of an HRMS redundant, it in no way, is a substitute for an end to end HRMS system. This is specifically because […]


Reading the PexiScore Report

The PexiScore report is a 9-10 page report (depending on the number of questions that the Hiring Manager has asked the applicants) Page 1 – Here we understand the basic information of the candidate like: Name of applicant, hiring manager, Date and the Job Code against which the Applicant is being evaluated. Page 2 – […]


A guide to using assessments for hiring: The good, the bad and the ugly

Assessments for hiring have been around for a while. However, most organizations have been reluctant to adopt them.  The human resource function is very person centric. While there is no dearth of innovation within the hiring process, there has been a significant lack of training and education to enable the adoption of these innovations. This […]