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3 things I like about PexiScore

3 things I like about PexiScore –

  1. The PexiScore concept
  2. The assessment, scoring and report
  3. Shortlisting candidates

1.    The concept

PexiScore is an assessment platform that helps shortlist candidates while hiring. It simplifies and fine tunes the shortlisting process through the PexiScore (People Excellence Indicator Score).

The conventional process of Candidates shortlisting –

Currently HR/consultants go through the detailed profile of candidates. They then employ fast reading technique’s (scanning/skimming) to go through piles of profiles and shortlist candidates for further processing. It is a daunting task and the deadlines add to its complexity. This also brings in the personal bias in the shortlisting process. You are not always sure if a potentially better candidate has been overlooked or a not so better suitable candidate has got managed to get through this manual process.


PexiScore helps you move the decision-making process, from:

Unstructured information towards Structured and Quantified information.

PexiScore brings in fairness, reliability and openness in the shortlisting process so that you don’t miss out on hiring the best fit talent for the job.

2.    The assessment and the report

The PexiScore assessment of candidates –involved assessments of four comprehensive types.

i. Psychometric Assessment (workplace behaviour)

ii. Aptitude Assessment

iii. Skills Assessment

iv. Candidate Resume/Profile to Job Description match

Based on measure on these four segments, the platform gives a score to the candidate –  PexiScore.

i. Psychometric assessment

We have a fixed set of question bank for psychometric assessment.

ii. Aptitude assessment

These are fixed set of questions. This accesses the aptitude of the candidate.

While creating the JD the HR/business person will have the ability to select set of questions from the question bank based on the Job Description (JD) requirements.

iii. Skills Assessment

Skills based questions for the job – This is set of questions which are job specific. While creating the Job Description (JD)  the HR or business can upload the questions (Text or picture based MCQ ) from a fixed format or can enter them one by one.

iv. Candidate Resume/Profile to Job Description match

“PexiScore” matches the JD with the candidates profile and the overall score also takes this measure into account.

PexiScore also has the ability to ask “HR” related questions to the candidate. There is a question bank for HR questions which is segregated into four sections. While creating the Job description the HR/Consultant  can select questions from different sections and add to the job  description. The questions are all subjective and you get to see the questions and answers in the detailed report.


Once the assessment is done, the “PexiScore” and a Detailed Report is generated which can be downloaded for reference and further processing for the interview process.

The following is a snapshot of each section of the PexiScore Detailed Report –

A. Personality Match

B. 7AS Framework 

C. The detailed assessment 

The report details the candidate’s assessment from different segments. For the HR questions and the skills based questions, the platform also gives the answers given by the candidate. This can be used for further discussions during the interview process.

You can check out on a sample report here –

3.    Shortlisting of Candidates

Once the assessment is done, the HR will then go on to shortlist the candidates based on multiple parameters along with “PexiScore”.

To aid the shortlisting process, the platform allows you to filter candidates based on parameters like industry, experience, key skills and many more. You shortlist candidates based on the defined parameters for the job and process only a few shortlisted candidates instead of a long list of potential candidates with generic profile match.


Current Trend towards using data for hiring

There is a moving trend towards using data, machines and algorithm in the hiring process. It is now possible to feed data into computers and algorithms to identify best fit candidates for a job. A recent article in “People Matters” titled “How Accenture transformed its recruitment using contextual analytics” talks about how Accenture uses an analytics engine to shortlist candidates during the hiring process.


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