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Develop these 3 competencies for Mid and Senior Managers in the VUCA world

The discussion around Competencies and then, effective Learning programs for these competencies , is happening everywhere. It is great if customized competencies are developed for different levels in the organization, but is there a point where we can start Right NOW ?? The 3 Competencies of focus are : Planning and Prioritizing work – to […]


Interview to get the Right Person for the job … use the START method

Once in a while, or perhaps on a regular basis, you are part of the Interview panel to spot talent for the organisation. It is sometimes a monotonous job role, but albeit an important one for the success of the organisation. We feel looking at the interview is the final straw that can lead to […]


Competency Framework – Example

Every organizational setup contains the three broad breakups of hierarchy; The Senior Management The Middle Managerial Team The Junior Team The first determinant quality required in a good competency framework is providing clear objectives which are interlinked showcasing how the employee progresses and hence the skillsets and abilities which form the core at every level […]


HR Drives – success at the Workplace …and how the science works.

The philosophy of success at the workplace has similar connotations as Managers and Human Resources specialists try to find the master potion to deal with workplace success. We at believe that while there is a core philosophy behind achieving the highest performance levels, the science can be mastered and optimized for every organisation. Every […]


Engage the Millennial TODAY – Happiness at Work and VoE (the best combination)

 “ The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles. “ A Note on improving Job Satisfaction at the workplace. Happiness is a state of mind. This is a fact. What dilutes the happiness in the mind has been measured and researchers have found the top five factors. These are interlinked and […]