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The future of work seems to be a bit like Sci-Fi. Are we ready?

Are you a fan of futuristic sci-fi fiction that describes dystopian or faux utopian futures that have gone wrong or right because of the advancement of technology? Material that deals with these themes feeds off the uncertainty of how the future is going to turn out for mankind in a world that is changing so […]


Analysis of the Website data generated by Google Analytics

We have implemented Google Analytics on our website ( and have been trying to track the number of visitors, their activities and their different behavior pattern using various goals, filters and campaigns. Google Analytics is an important tool which provides a wide range of features to generate data of the website’s traffic. It can also […]


The indispensability of Soft Data in HR Analytics / People Analytics

Analytics is considered to be very much a desktop centred job. Those who love working with data, experience the pleasure of drowning in its chaos, while mining for eureka moments using statistical softwares and coding. Thanks to big data – there is a lot of data out there, for such excercises in insight mining. This […]


When the HR Manager evolves to become a Data Scientist

  What does it look like once the human resources department starts planning to adopt HR Analytics? It could look something like this. The HR team is gearing up to have fun – sweating it out analysing data, getting the arsenal in place and then – SHOOT!! As the HR Manager invests time and money […]


Reading the PexiScore Report

The PexiScore report is a 9-10 page report (depending on the number of questions that the Hiring Manager has asked the applicants) Page 1 – Here we understand the basic information of the candidate like: Name of applicant, hiring manager, Date and the Job Code against which the Applicant is being evaluated. Page 2 – […]